Steel Tarps For Flatbed Trucking: Important Facts And Information

As the name suggests, flatbed steel tarps are tarps specifically made for flatbeds. Trucks which have flatbeds carry different types of loads from what most trucks carry. Most flatbed trucks carry steel related loads i.e. steel coils. Such loads need to be handled differently from traditional truck loads. For instance, steel coils need to be covered with tarps which meet the specified safety requirements for steel hauling. The tarps also need to be extremely high quality and durable due to the nature of load they secure/protect. Although there are very many types of steel flatbed tarps, this article will feature the most common types in regards to size, material, features, weight and color.

Types of Flatbed Steel Tarps

  1. Size – Flatbed steel tarps come in a variety of sizes the most common size being; 16 by 27 inches. It is however possible to get other flatbed steel tarp sizes i.e. 16′ by 16′, 16′ by 24′, 16′ by 20′, 12′ by 27′, 20′ by 24′, 24′ by 18′, 24′ by 24′, 24′ by 30′ and 30′ by 30′ depending on factors like additional features i.e. flaps and tails or special requirements i.e. when you want flatbed tarps for carrying special steel cargo/load.
  2. Material – Steel flatbed tarps are also categorized according to the material that makes them. The most common material for making flatbed tarps is heavy duty 18Oz Vinyl. It is however possible to find tarps made using tough light-weight vinyl. This type of material is suitable for flatbed tarps which are used for light-weight steel hauling applications i.e. covering steel load which isn’t too heavy or bulky.
  3. Features – Steel flatbed tarps are also categorized according to their features. Some of the most common flatbed tarp features include; rings and flaps. These features can be on two or all four sides of flatbed tarps. The rings and flaps are important features for securing tarps on flatbeds. The most common types of flatbed tarps have 2 rows of D-rings on all four sides. Flaps are usually present on both ends measuring 4 by 8 inches flap/tail. It is however possible to get flatbed tarps with one row of D rings. Such tarps are usually smaller i.e. 12 by 27 inches. It is also worth noting that steel flatbed tarps can be customized to meet unique specifications/need i.e. it is possible to get tarps with more D-ring rows on request. You shouldn’t therefore be limited by the readily available features since all features can be customized.
  4. Weight – Flatbed tarps are also commonly categorized according to weight. The most common type of steel flatbed tarps weigh 65 lbs (pounds). It is however possible to get tarps weighing more i.e. 80 lbs, 70 lbs or less i.e., 50 lbs, 54 lbs, 40 lbs etc. The weight of steel flatbed tarps is dictated by the size of the tarp, the features and the material. Tarps with more rings and folds tend to be heavier. Also, larger steel tarps will obviously be heavier than smaller tarps i.e. heavy duty 18Oz Vinyl tarps are obviously heavier than tough light-weight vinyl tarps. When choosing steel flatbed tarps based on weight, it is important to ensure the weight is ideal for the steel load you intend to carry. Most heavy tarps are ideal for heavy duty steel load/cargo. Light tarps are ideal for lighter steel cargo. Also, it’s important to note that heavy tarps tend to last longer because they are made using heavy duty 18Oz Vinyl which is very tough. Also, light weight tarps are easier to install and clean. Some of the heaviest steel flatbed tarps in the market today must be installed by more than one person which translates to additional labor costs.
  5. Color – This is another common classification of steel flatbed tarps. It is important to note that you can get tarps in any color. There are however some common colors i.e. green, blue and cream. Tarps in this color bracket come in all common sizes, material, features and weight.


In summary, the above types of flatbed steel tarps are the most common. It is however possible to find other types of flatbed tarps that aren’t discussed above. It is also possible to request for customized flatbed tarps to match the most unique tarp needs i.e. tarps which feature more folds, D-rings, extra large tarps, small tarps, many colors etc. To get the best steel flatbed tarps, visit Mytee Products is a highly rated Industrial Fabric & Tarp Company with over three decades experience in the industry. They make the best steel flatbed tarps in the market.