Steel Tarps – What You Need To Know

Steel tarps play a vital role in the industrial sector, especially in the trucking industry. The main purpose of a tarp is securing the goods that are being carried from the flatbed of trucks, from one location to another. It’s a common practice for truck drivers to cover their cargo with steel tarps as a means to prevent them from the elements like heavy snow, wind and sunlight.

If you are planning to make use of tarps in the very near future, you have the option of choosing either classic canvas types or the traditional ones. However, before you decide, it’s best to keep in mind that the steel tarp industry is always evolving and newer types of tarps are being produced. With the many types of tarps, you can find the ideal one specifically designed for the truck and goods that you are transporting.


Steel tarpaulins are specifically designed to incorporate durable and heavy-duty polyethylene, mesh or vinyl. Steel tarpaulins are mainly used by the trucking industry to cover steel cargo or other similar items on the truck bed.

Advantages Of Steel Tarpaulins

The main advantage of steel tarpaulins is their durability and sturdiness. This kind of tarp gets its strength from the grommets that are being incorporated to its edges. This can significantly help securing the load you are hauling. However, the biggest benefit of using steel tarpaulins is that you will only need a single sheet to cover and secure the cargo your truck is carrying.

The fabric used for steel tarps are typically lightweight and breathable. Compared to other kinds of tarp, steel tarps have its greatest advantage being lightweight and yet very durable.
Aside from steel tarps, lumber tarps are also popular. However, one advantage of steel tarpaulins over lumber tarpaulins is steel tarpaulins can last longer if stored and maintained properly. While it is true that lumber tarps are crafted in the same manner as their steel counterparts, but lumber tarpaulins have the tendency to be difficult when it comes to overlapping them. For a truck driver, tying and untying several layers of tarpaulins may not only be frustrating, but can also be time consuming. These are only a few of the many reasons why steel tarpaulins still have an advantage over lumber tarpaulins.

A Few Materials That Steel Tarpaulins Are Used To Cover:

  • Steel Sheets
  • Steel Cables
  • Steel Rods

Dimensions Of Steel Tarps

Steel tarpaulins come in different sizes. Most tarpaulins come in a rectangular shape with D-rings placed on the sides, usually two or three rows. However, there are other shaped steel tarpaulins, which are designed for different uses.


Steel tarpaulins that are sized in 16′x 27′ are designed to transport heavy items. These types of tarps feature brass grommets that are clinched at 2 foot intervals. The hems are designed to be durable and strong because of the double stitching. These kinds of tarps are strong enough that constructions workers use these tarps to cover materials, claddings and equipments that are exposed in the open.

A Word Of Caution

Steel tarpaulins are very beneficial for drivers, but there is still a need to maintain them properly. One of the most important things is to securely tie each side of the tarp to prevent wind whip. Wind whip is a serious problem, especially on the highways when the truck is running at high speeds. Also, there are occasions that strong winds may happen, and it may be able to rip off the wind tarps if not properly secured, resulting in the falling of the carried goods.

Choosing Your Tarp

When it comes to buying a steel tarp, it’s imperative that you assess the needs of the cargo you are carrying and choose the ideal balance between lightweight and durability. You may also want to pick one that has a drop fastening option, which can greatly increase the protection level when carrying a full load. There are a lot of kinds of steel tarps, just make sure you properly asses your cargo’s needs and pick the ideal one.

Steel tarpaulins are essential within the trucking industry. It is a vital component for keeping the cargo of the truck safe, not only from falling, but also from the elements. When purchasing a steel tarpaulin, make sure that you know the needs of your cargo and you pick the ideal kind that is sufficient to deal with its demands. Lastly, if you are in need of steel tarpaulins, you might want to check out:, they have a wide selection of tarpaulins. You can be sure to find the ones your cargo needs.